Sass 4100 combined concentrator & airsampler

SASS® 4100 is an aerosol biocollector integrating the concentration of aerosol particles (as with SASS® 4000 concentrator) coupled with the biocollection of these particles by highly efficient dipole electrostatic fields (as with SASS® 3100).

Many applications require the collection and analysis of aerosol particles, in diluted presence in large volumes of air, as well as biological agents, very fine particles emitted in urban environment, or nucleotides that can be accidentally released during the storage of nuclear waste.

Sass 4100 avec montage du filtre electret

But sampling of chemical, radiological or biological aerosols in outdoor or large indoor spaces must solve several problems…

  • Pathogen or very fine particle or nucleotide may be present at very low concentration and dispersed in large volumes of air
  • Volume of air sampled must be sufficiently representative of the sampling site volume.
  • The analytical method requires a sufficient concentration of the pathogen or the particle in the air to detect it, otherwise false negatives may occur.

How does SASS® 4100 combined concentrator/airsampler work?

SASS® 4100 processes over 4000 L/min. of continuously sampled ambient air in a primary air stream. Particles from this air stream are transferred to a smaller secondary air stream using the principles of centrifugation and virtual impaction. Particles are delivered to the secondary stream by forcing the primary air stream to flow through specially designed channels where centrifugal force and particle momentum isolate and concentrate the particles.

The secondary air stream concentrates the aerosol at a concentration 4 to 15 times greater than the ambient air.

SASS® 4100 amplifies and slows down captured aerosol particles before they are collected in a secondary air stream and captured through an electret filter media; the particle-free secondary air stream exits into the primary air stream. A 5.4 mm square aperture screen limits the entry of large debris

  • No moving parts other than the primary fan.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Very large operating temperature range.
  • Particularly resistant to clogging.
  • Maximized sampled air volume: increases chances of identifying the biological agent in low concentrations.
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Sewage system
  • Public transportation
  • Indoor air quality
  • Veterinary inspection
  • Nuclear or radiological incidents
  • Hospital or clinical hygiene services
  • Safety at work
  • Civil Defense
  • Primary airflow: 4,000 L/min sampled uniformly around the entire horizontal circumference of the SASS® 4100

  • Secondary collection airflow: HEPA filter: 49 L/min. Standard electret filter: 265 L/min.

  • Electret filter collection efficiency: HEPA filter: >95% of particles > 300 nm in diameter/Standard filter: 50% at 0.5 micron diameter

  • Electret filter diameter: 4.4 cm active surface diameter on 6 cm diameter injection molded support.

  • Density and composition of the filter: HEPA electret filter: 2.2 mg/cm2 of electret filter 8.6 mg/cm2 with its cylindrical support. Standard electret filter: 12 mg/cm2 Both filters are made of polypropylene electret microfibers.

  • Mounting of the filter: Cap-shaped mounting on airsampler grid

  • Dimensions: 38 cm height x 25.4 cm maximum diameter.

  • Weight: 6.32 kgs

  • Operating temperature range : -40°C to 70°C

  • Shelf-life: The only moving part is the fan rotor of the electrically commutated motor.. Lifetime of bearings at 40°C is
    approximately 70,000 operating hours.

  • Cable and converter: Mains plug and AC/DC converter

  • Noise level: 72 decibels @ 1 meter radius of air inlet on horizontal circumference of SASS® 4100

  • Mounting: Quick release tripod legs, height adjustable from 0.53 m to 1.46 m

  • Accessories: Shock-proof transport case with foam insert

SASS® 4100 Combined Concentrator/Airsampler includes:

  • AC power supply + User’s manual

P/N:  MBD7000-163-115

Shock-proof carrying case for Sass 4100 with custom-cut foam insert.

P/N: MBD7100-163-400-03

Autoclavable manual particle extraction kit

P/N: 7000-170-100-01

Standard welded electret filter:

P/N: MBD7100-134-230-04

Welded HEPA electret filter

P/N: MBD7100-134-231-01

Welded electret filters are recommended when using the SASS 3010 particle extractor

Standard electret filter with removable support:
P/N.: MBD7100-134-232-01

HEPA electret filter with removable support:
P/N: MBD7100-134-233-01

Extraction kit for SASS 3010

P/N: MBD7000-162-134-02


  • (1) standard welded electret filter
    (1) 8 ml bottle of extraction reagent
    (1) 14 ml bottle of Sass 3100 rinsing reagent

Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Bottle of extraction reagent for SASS 3010

  • Ref : MBD7000-162-133-08 (8 ml)
  • Ref : MBD7000-162-133-125 (125 ml)

Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.

SASS 3010 rinsing reagent bottle
Ref : MBD7000-162-132-08 (15 ml)

Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Portable power station. P/N: MBD7000-163-450-02

Provides a mobile power source for instruments without built-in batteries and extends the operating time of battery-powered devices. Contains two lithium-ion batteries, P/N: 1000-0003-12 (not included).

Does not include charging capability; please purchase chargers separately (P/N: MBD1000-0003-13).

Adapter cable for portable power station. P/N: 7200-163-105-01

Required for use of the portable power station with SASS 2300, SASS 2400, SASS 3100, TacBio or Tac-7 instruments.

Not required for SASS 4000 series instruments.

15V Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.
Part number: MBD1000-0003-12

*Note on battery shipping: In accordance with IATA dangerous goods regulations, the batteries we offer are classified as hazardous and are subject to special shipping procedures. For orders shipped within Europe, batteries must be shipped by road.

For interntional orders, batteries will be shipped separately from the rest of your items by a third party shipping service. All shipping, handling, duties and taxes (if applicable) will be added to your final invoice.

Lithium Ion battery charger. Item #: MBD 1000-0003-13

15V Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.
Sass 4100
Shock-proof carrying case for Sass 4100
Sass 3010 particle extractor
Welded electret filter (standard or HEPA)
Electret filter with removable support (HEPA or standard)
Portable power station.
15V Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.
15V Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.