Sass 3100 airsampler

SASS® 3100 airsampler is a compact and robust microprocessor-controlled portable aerosol sampler designed for use with dipole electret filters. It is ideally suited for the collection of biological and radioactive aerosols. In independent third-party tests, it has
outperformed all competitors in terms of efficiency and
efficiency and suitability.

The standard 44 mm diameter electret filter used with the SASS 3100 collects samples at a maximum flow rate of 300 liters/minute and has a collection efficiency of 50% at an aerosol particle diameter of 0.5 microns.

A second, physically interchangeable HEPA-type electret filter has a collection efficiency of 95%+ for particles larger than 0.3 microns. It has a maximum sampling rate of 49 liters/minute, a very high rate for a HEPA filter of this size.

For users interested in collecting radioactive aerosols, the HEPA filter meets all major international standards for the collection of radioactive aerosols.

Sass 3100 image

In November 2021, SASS 3100 made international headlines when a team of doctors and scientists in Singapore used it to develop a new, more effective method for detecting SARS-CoV-2 in the air. For more information, please click on this link.

  • Complies with ISO 14698-1 standard
  • Aerosol collection may last several days without filter plugging
  • Operating range from -40°C to 70°C
  • High capture efficiency for sub-micron size pathogens
  • Adjustable airflow (biological sampling): 50-300 LPM
  • Adjustable airflow (radiological sampling): 10-49 LPM
  • User-specified automated protocols
  • Wireless control option
  • Optional long-life rechargeable batteries
  • Easy decontamination, including fan rotor
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Sewage system
  • Public transportation
  • Indoor Air Quality Diagnostics
  • Clean rooms
  • Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic Industry
  • Veterinary inspection
  • Nuclear or radiological incidents
  • Storage of radioactive waste
  • Hospital hygiene services
  • Workplace safety
  • Civil Defense

SASS® 3100 airsampler includes :

  • power supply cable
  • RS-232 modem cable for communication between the SASS 3100 and the PC
  • User’s manual
  • SASS 3100 software for Windows® 7 or higher

P/N MBD7000-165-201

RS-232 adapter for USB port with USB cable

P/N: MBD7000-0004-01

Shock-proof carrying case for SASS® 3100

with retractable handle, on wheels with foam insert cut to size.

P/N: MBD7100-165-200-01

Dust/rain cover for SASS® 3100

P/N.: MBD7000-165-200-01

SASS® 3010 Particle Extractor
supplied with

  • two (2) D batteries
    Instructions for use in English

Ref: MBD 7000-162-100-07

Autoclavable manual particle extraction kit

Ref: 7000-170-100-01

Standard welded electret filter:

Ref: MBD7100-134-230-04

Welded HEPA electret filter

P/N: MBD7100-134-231-01

Welded electret filters are recommended when using the SASS® 3010 particulate extractor

Standard electret filter with removable support :
Part No.: MBD7100-134-232-01

HEPA electret filter with removable support :
P/N: MBD7100-134-233-01

Extraction kit for SASS® 3010

P/N: MBD7000-162-134-02


  • (1) standard welded electret filter
  • (1) 8 ml bottle of extraction reagent
  • (1) 14 ml bottle of Sass 3100 rinsing reagent

Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Bottle of SASS® 3010 extraction reagent

  • Ref : MBD7000-162-133-08 (8 ml)
  • Ref : MBD7000-162-133-125 (125 ml)

Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.

SASS® 3010 rinsing reagent bottle
Ref : MBD7000-162-132-08 (15 ml)

Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Portable power station. P/N: MBD7000-163-450-02

Provides a mobile power source for instruments without built-in batteries and extends the operating time of battery-powered devices. Contains two lithium-ion batteries, P/N: 1000-0003-12 (not included).

Does not include charging capability; please purchase chargers separately (P/N: MBD1000-0003-13).

Adapter cable for portable power station.

P/N: 7200-163-105-01

Required for use of the portable power station with SASS® 2300, SASS® 2400, SASS® 3100, TacBio or Tac-7 instruments.

Not required for SASS® 4000 series instruments.

Rechargeable 15V Lithium Ion battery.
Part number: MBD1000-0003-12

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Lithium Ion battery charger. P/N: MBD 1000-0003-13

Rechargeable 15V Lithium Ion battery
Sass 3100 avec accessoires
Sass 4100 + power supply + User's Manual
convertisseur RS-232-USB pour Sass 3100
RS-232 adapter for USB port with cable
couvercle de protection anti-pluie du Sass 3100
Dust/rain cover for SASS® 3100
Shock-proof carrying case for SASS® 3100
Sass 3010 particle extractor
Welded electret filter (standard or HEPA)
Removable electret filter from support (Hepa or standard)
Portable power station
Adapter cable for portable power station.
Lithium Ion battery charger