Sampling Bretts during wine aging.

Brett sampling iceberg

Wine microbiologists, revealed that Brettanomyces bruxellensis is the major yeast population in red wine lees during wine aging, with up to 1000 times more yeasts than in the middle of the wine barrel, and 10.000 times more than at wine surface.

Surface or midlle wine barrel sampling with
glass pipet is misleading allowing to see only
the tip of the iceberg of Brettanomyces
yeast populations in wine, at levels where
Brett yeasts are only a few, leading to
erroneous conclusions that Bretts yeast
populations are negligible meanwhile
growing in wine lees.

Brettanomyces gradient with oak barrel depth

How to avoid seeing only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to detect an abnormal Bretts yeast growth in your wine aging sample? In order to meet your needs and allow you to sample Bretts where they grow and are at majority, while avoiding spare parts to fall in the oak barrel bottom, we developped the Brettsampler sampling kit for winemakers. Brettsampler is secure and passed succesfully many crash tests guaranteeing against fall of its spare parts inside the wine barrel. Quickly, easily decontaminable and reusable on site, Brettsampler avoid risk of Brettanomyces biofilm build up in between its interstices. Brettsampler adapts to any sampling volume, and can be tailored to any wine barrel or tank size. Next page Brettsampler. For more detailed information, contact us.