Hospital hygiene virus droplet nuclei sampling & detection in air

Early surveillance of airborne respiratory viruses with Sass 3100 air sampler to prevent infectious clusters.

Hospital hygiene respiratory virus droplet nuclei anticipatory detection in air would be a major contribution to public health and to the protection of hospital staff, immunocompromised persons, children and the elderly.

Many deaths could be prevented in nursing homes if early health precautions were implemented to avoid airborne spread of respiratory viruses.

However, many biological aerosol samplers have proven to be ineffective in sampling airborne pathogens in diffuse presence, as they do not meet the essential criteria of an effective biological air sampler.

Sass 3100 collects more Sars-cov-2 viruses in air than swabs on surfaces....
Dr Irvan Luhung, Senior research fellow at Scelse of the Nanyang Technological University​, with Sass 3100 air sampler for hospital hygiene to collect virus droplet nuclei.

A recent study published by Nantyang Technological University in Singapore, confirmed that the Sass 3100 high flow  bioaerosol sampler collected more viruses in the air than swabs on hospital surface.

This NTU Singapour study demonstrates that high throughput electret filtration air sampling is the right method to recover aerosolized Covid-19 viruses.

Although the Scelse Institute of the University of Singapore has many Coriolis µ air samplers, as seen on the left side of the picture on the right, it is not the Coriolis that has been selected for continuous 8-hour air biocollections, but only the SASS 3100 air sampler .

The Sass 3100 technology could, according to these scientists, be useful to detect in a cohort of people in the same place the presence of Covid-19, but also of other respiratory viruses.

Singapour TV interview of aerosol experts Professor David Allan & Dr Irvan Luhung using Sass 3100 aerosol sampler for Covid-19

SCELSE NTU Singapour video presentation of Dr Irvan Luhung high flow Covid-19 air sampling  and detection study.

What use is being considered for the Sass 3100 air sampler according to airborne infectious disease experts in Singapore?

Spoting virus droplet nuclei & other airborne pathogens in diffuse presence through the ventilation system...

Sass 3100 vent duct viral particles sampling

Sass 3100 bio-aerosol sampler has proven its effectiveness in recovering both fungal and bacterial flora, as well as viruses, diluted in large volumes as in public places.

Sass 3100  air sampler can concentrate airborne pathogens for hours or even days without clogging its collection filter and recover rare pathogens investigated and locate their point of emission through the ventilation system.

It can also verify the correct operation of air handling units.

An outstanding retention rate of sub-micron virus nuclei droplets nuclei.

Covid-19 aéroporté

A large proportion of respiratory emissions become sub-micron droplet nuclei, which makes it very difficult to concentrate them by high flow liquid impingers, which can release these droplets nuclei. The Sass 3100 bioaerosol sampler with its electrostatic dipole capture technology is able to collect these airborne viral particles.

Sass 3100 air sampler validated in a hospital hygiene for the air sampling of respiratory aerosols leaks from an aerosol barrier enclosure.
Sass 3100 air sampling
by courtesy of Professor Dan Daniel source: Effective design of barrier enclosure to contain aerosol emissions from COVID-19 patients. Indoor Air. 2021;00:1–6.

The Sass 3100 bio-aerosol collector has proven its sampling efficiency in an aerosol study of aerosols emitted in a hospital environment in Singapore
(see left the distribution of microdroplet sizes used).

The laser used in this study also allowed visualization of the airflow streams entering the Sass 3100 air sampler.

Size distribution of microdroplets diameter of microdroplets produced ranged between 0.3 to 4 microns, of which 1 micron was the main size.
An ideal bio-aerosol & particle air sampler in clean rooms.

The Sass 3100 can sample air during days if necessary without clogging rapidly and recover microorganisms and particles in diluted presence in the air.

Easy decontamination of the ventilation chamber, avoiding any cross-contamination.

unscrewing Sass 310 ventilation chamber

Most high flow air samplers have one weakness, bio-aerosols contaminate unreachable surfaces, particularly the ventilation chamber.

Bio-aerosols are penetrating the Sass 3100 air sampler through the electret filter face placed directly on top of the ventilation chamber entry. The airflow is release then through the ventilation outlet. This ventilation chamber is easily unscrewed for decontamination.

Ventilation chamber grid and its support as well as the fan blades can be immersed in a virucidal, bactericidal, sporicidal, and antifungal solution to eliminate any risk of unintended microorganisms release from the ventilation chamber surface during a future sampling.