Brettsampler: sample Bretts in wine barrel only where it is a threat!

Brettsampler allows aseptic sampling of Brettanomyces in wine barrel only where Brettanomyces bruxellensis are a threat, just above wine lees, and this without  necessarily being a lab technician. Most winemakers do not dispose of lab technicians on the spot to sample wine where Brettanomyces tend to developp..

Let’s see how Brettsampler is a winemaker user-friendly tool to improve Brettanomyces bruxellensis growth surveillance during malolactic fermentation and post malolactic fermentation in wines. 


Secure, user-friendly aseptic tool to sample wine where Bretts, or lactic /acetic bacteria are a threat, without being a lab technician.


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Brettanomyces above wine lees sampling

  • sampling just above lees where main yeast population are Bretts;
  • secured connection preventing parts to fall off into wine barrel;
  • rapidly sanitized without autoclaving;
  • sampling depth adapted to wine barrel type;
  • only food-grade material in contact with wine;
  • fully autoclavable in a pressure cooker in its storage box;
  • bungehole protection against drosophila flies during sampling;
  • avoids cross-contamination & glass breakage;
  • rapid sampling of any required volume;
  • user-friendly sampling & sanitizing protocol;
  • can be tailored to large wine tanks and other sampling depths.

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